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The Voice Over Athlete™ Audio

Listen to This! Here’s a LINK to a podcast episode where I go in-depth about the concept of the Voice Over Athlete™ and how the concept of the Voice Over Athlete was born. Click here to listen: The Voice Over… Continue Reading →

Conscious Movement

Stop right where you are! Take a moment and notice how your body is positioned. Are you seated, standing or lying down reading this on a tablet? Are you leaning to one side? Are your legs crossed? Are your feet… Continue Reading →

The SAID Principle and Wolff’s Law

The SAID Principle is an acronym that stands for “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand”. What that simply means is that what we do most of, we are practicing and as a result, we are getting better at that activity. If… Continue Reading →

The Body Is A Complete System

Intuitively, I have always thought and felt the human body works as a complete system. One part of the body affects the other parts of your body. The most empowering part is that when you start to look at anatomy,… Continue Reading →

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