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Trademark Received for Voice Over Athlete®!

The Voice Over Athlete® is now an official Trademark The Voice Over Athlete® is now an official Trademark registered with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)! It took just about a year from my initial filing of the… Continue Reading →

Are you a Flowing Stream or a Stagnant Pond?

I had just finished my workout yesterday morning and was preparing my smoothie and meals for the day when I had this thought come into my mind about the importance of moving your body and water movement. One of the… Continue Reading →

DeFlame Your Way To Good Vocal Health

So I have a great book I want to recommend to you. It’s called “The Deflame Diet: DeFlame your diet, body, and mind” by Dr. David Seaman. This book is great. I’ve been eating this way for awhile now. If… Continue Reading →

The Voice Over Athlete™ Audio

Listen to This! Here’s a LINK to a podcast episode where I go in-depth about the concept of the Voice Over Athlete™ and how the concept of the Voice Over Athlete was born. Click here to listen: The Voice Over… Continue Reading →

Cherry-Berry Madness Smoothie

This was DELICIOUS! Cherries are in season. Whenever they’re on sale I buy pounds of them and use a cherry pitter and freeze them so I have them for weeks (or days – depending on how fast I go through… Continue Reading →

Are You Aware Of Your Breathing?

You breathe more than 20,000 Times EACH Day! That’s a lot of breathing “Practice”. This video shows a technique you can use to become more aware of your breathing. Please share your comments below. Enjoy!

How To Relax Your Eyes

Here are a couple of Reset Drills for your Eyes If you spend a good amount of time in front of a computer screen they probably get tired. Your eyes have muscles around them to move them. Just like any… Continue Reading →

Conscious Movement

Stop right where you are! Take a moment and notice how your body is positioned. Are you seated, standing or lying down reading this on a tablet? Are you leaning to one side? Are your legs crossed? Are your feet… Continue Reading →

My Weekend Fun

So this past weekend I had some fun out in the back yard. I built another raised bed in my yard to grow vegetables again. Many would think I’m nuts, but I love being outside digging in the dirt and… Continue Reading →

The SAID Principle and Wolff’s Law

The SAID Principle is an acronym that stands for “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand”. What that simply means is that what we do most of, we are practicing and as a result, we are getting better at that activity. If… Continue Reading →

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