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Are you a Flowing Stream or a Stagnant Pond?

I had just finished my workout yesterday morning and was preparing my smoothie and meals for the day when I had this thought come into my mind about the importance of moving your body and water movement. One of the… Continue Reading →

The Voice Over Athlete™ Audio

Listen to This! Here’s a LINK to a podcast episode where I go in-depth about the concept of the Voice Over Athlete™ and how the concept of the Voice Over Athlete was born. Click here to listen: The Voice Over… Continue Reading →

Cherry-Berry Madness Smoothie

This was DELICIOUS! Cherries are in season. Whenever they’re on sale I buy pounds of them and use a cherry pitter and freeze them so I have them for weeks (or days – depending on how fast I go through… Continue Reading →

Conscious Movement

Stop right where you are! Take a moment and notice how your body is positioned. Are you seated, standing or lying down reading this on a tablet? Are you leaning to one side? Are your legs crossed? Are your feet… Continue Reading →

The Body Is A Complete System

Intuitively, I have always thought and felt the human body works as a complete system. One part of the body affects the other parts of your body. The most empowering part is that when you start to look at anatomy,… Continue Reading →

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