Intuitively, I have always thought and felt the human body works as a complete system. One part of the body affects the other parts of your body.

The most empowering part is that when you start to look at anatomy, physiology and when you start to be conscious about the structures involved and how exercise is supposed to be done, for voiceover work or exercise in general, these exercises can restore, refurbish and rehabilitate the body. They can be integrated into what you’re doing at the workplace and carry over to your lifestyle. You can create greater ease, efficiency and a greater capacity to produce more.

If you address nutrition and exercise with understanding and define what you’re doing, you move forward. When you’re doing things coupled with nutrition, you move forward and increase your capacity to be able to produce more on a daily basis.

And while you’re increasing your capacity to do more, because you’re spending so much time clarifying, you start to become more decisive and clear about the decisions you make in your business and in your life to be able to create more beneficial, enjoyable, successful, enriching outcomes.

The bridge between health, longevity and prosperity is through understanding and looking after yourself in the best way you possibly can so you can maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in producing the success you want while protecting your health at the same time.

If you have the work ethic to build a business, imagine if you were in a place where you could set enough time aside to be able to look after your health just as religiously as you look after the health of your business.”

One goal of this blog is to help you understand your capacity to earn is directly related to your health.

We can earn enormous amounts of money and become extremely successful or famous. We can either do it all while compromising our health or we can do it all while maintaining and elevating the integrity and levels of health. That’s how dynamic we are.

The ease and capacity with which we move through our day to day activities and accomplishing our goals, if we choose to develop that with our health, success becomes more reflexive and we start to align ourselves with what is more of our true potential.

I suppose my thinking the body is a complete system stems from personal experience. If you’ve ever hurt something, like you’ve twisted your ankle you know that if you continue to walk around with a hurt ankle you’ll make accommodations to get through your day to day activities to avoid pain.

You’ll walk differently or use crutches to get around. When you do that your back or something else might start to hurt the next day. Then your knee starts to hurt because you start favoring one leg over the other, so that you’re not putting weight on your twisted ankle.

Before you know it, your whole body aches because you twisted your ankle.

Here’s another example. Let’s say you had arthritis in your wrist. The arthritis doesn’t only affect your wrist. It affects everything else. It certainly affects your mood because you’re in pain. You can’t tell me your outlook on things isn’t affected if you’re in constant pain.

So I’ve always intuitively felt that the body works as a whole system. Everything matters.